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Tips for Creating an Authentic Career

1. Discover your Personal Calling.

Until you can answer what kind of work you really find fascinating, what you really want to do, finding the right work is like throwing darts in the dark, you hit the target every now and again. You have a unique pattern of interests, donít focus on jobs or skills initially, just on interest patterns and values Ė what is deeply important and exciting to you?

2. Uncover and Eliminate the "Shoulds."

The "should" come from parents, social pressures, family history and just about everywhere else. Many of us carry a silent message about whatís expected of us, we may listen to it or rebel against it - either way, it has a powerful effect on our lives. What are the messages youíve gotten about work?

3. Unblock the Blocks.

Whether itís lack of clarity, fear of success or failure, wanting too many things, not valuing what you really want, lack of a particular interest, etc. You need to identify and deal with any blocks you have to pursuing what you really want. Get someone objective to help you see your blocks, they are often invisible to us Ė then you can do something about them, one by one until they no longer keep you stuck.

4. Watch for the unauthentic goals

Many powerful forces can pull you away from your calling, understanding what they are can help you stay true to your calling. Sirenís songs can be money or status, expecting to much, loving adrenaline. We are most easily seduced by the things we most crave. Fear can be a big distraction too, but successful people feel the fear and do it anyway.

5. Think Big, Bold and New.

Stretch your thinking, itís a new world out here with all kinds of opportunities. From virtual assistants to brokering to web design, there are more and more jobs that are flexible, and location-irrelevant. Itís a great time to throw the net wide, explore the new world in Fast Company, Roaring 2000ís, and the Internet itself Ė surf and follow what appeals to you. Find sources of stimulation and ideas about these new possibilities.

6. Get a Career to Suit your Lifestyle.

Figure out what you really want in your work lifestyle. Is it to work at home, to travel, to write, to speak, to work with others, to dress up, or not? Let your career mold itself around who you are and what you want. Work really can be on your terms, it may not come easily and the transition from traditional work to self-styled work can be a challenging "inward bound" experience Ė but the rewards are usually extraordinary.

7. Define the Ideal and Go For It!

Once you figure out a couple of options, begin to get out there and play with them, talk to anyone who does it, interview and position yourself for something else. Create your own personal web page outlining exactly who you are and what you want. Set the intent and take action Ė itís work but not a struggle. If you are on "your path" things will start to flow and opportunities will appear.

We work with people to discover and create fulfilling work, we believe that it is part of our purpose as human beings to learn what we find deeply satisfying and pursue it.†

To learn more about how we coach people in career discovery, email us at spectra@spectracomm.com.