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Why Use Assessments?

Reasons to use employee assessments

Research results published by The Harvard Business Review and the Department of Labor show that …


In 1998, absenteeism cost U.S. employers $757 per employee, according to a report in USA TODAY. This was the direct cost reported by a survey of human resource professionals and does not include the cost of hiring others or paying overtime to employees who perform the work of the absentees.

Fictional résumés

95% of the of recent college graduates in a survey cited in the May 1999 issue of Nation's Business said they would be willing to make a false statement in their résumés in order to get a job. 41% admitted they had already done so.

Current hiring and promotional practices are often inadequate

Historically, employers have used résumés, references and interviews as information sources when making hiring decision. These sources consistently proved inadequate for selecting good employees.

Several factors contribute to these inadequacies. Résumés often contain false claims, and litigation conscious employers typically share only the most basic data. Even the interview process, which has become the most influential factor in hiring and promotion decisions, has proven to be a poor predictor of success. Studies published in the Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 96, 1994, peg the correlation between outstanding interviewing skills and successful job performance at 14% . . . approximately one good employee in every seven hires.

Adding a background check doesn’t help much either, raising the success rate to just 25%. Unfortunately, many employers have come to accept such bleak results and the resultant high cost of excessive turnover as a business reality.

Assessments offer a solution

Clearly, an essential ingredient in the formula for good “people decisions” has long been missing; and an accurate, dependable assessment instrument can solve that problem.

The use of assessments is essential to employers who:

The use of assessments has yielded in extraordinary increases in morale and productivity while reducing employee turnover, stress, tension, and overall human resources expense.

Assessments can make the difference!

Accurately assessing behavioral traits improves the hiring success rate to 38%, according to the Psychological Bulletin study.

Measuring emotional intelligence and behavioral traits boosts the rate to 54%.

When an assessment of motivators is added, successful results improve to 66%.

The most impressive results are achieved, however, when integrated assessment instruments, such as the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP)® and the CORE Personal Effectiveness Profile (CORE PEP)®, are used to look at the multiple aspects of the whole person in an integrated manner.

These integrated assessments employ cutting-edge technology and empirical data to assess the qualities and strengths of the whole individual. Each candidate’s individual qualities can then be compared to a benchmark of employees who are performing their duties in a superior manner. Such advanced assessments successfully identify potential excellent employees more than 75% of the time.

A well-documented study published in The Harvard Business Review concluded that "Job Match" is by far the most reliable predictor of effectiveness and longevity on the job. The study considered many factors, including the age, sex, race, education and experience of approximately 300,000 subjects. It evaluated overall job performance and found no significant statistical differences in the impact of any single element except "Job Match." The conclusion:” It’s not experience that counts or college degrees or other accepted factors; success hinges on a fit with the job."

The most reliable assessment is a multi-dimensional assessment!

The only reliable method for evaluating “Job Match” is with a properly designed multidimensional assessment instrument, capable of measuring the essential job-related characteristics particular to each specific job. CORE MAP® and CORE PEP® deliver those capabilities!

A Gallop survey of over 2,000,000 employees showed only 20% of the employees working in large corporations felt their strengths were being utilized everyday, while 80% felt miscast in their role (Buckingham and Clifton, Now Discover Your Strengths, 2001).

The CORE MAP® multidimensional profile can help individuals find and develop their natural strengths. Those who identify their natural strengths and focus on them are happier, more productive, and more efficient both personally and professionally

CORE MAP® and CORE PEP® are effective, reliable and in-depth personality assessment tools designed to measure individuals from multiple angles.

CORE MAP® measures and evaluates natural tendencies, preferred functioning modes, personal effectiveness traits, strengths, weaknesses, reactionary styles, relating styles, tolerance levels and more. No other instrument provides a fuller, more complete picture of the whole person.

CORE PEP® is an abbreviated version of CORE MAP® that delivers much of the same powerful data quickly and economically, and provides a platform for determining which employees would benefit from the more in-depth CORE MAP®.

To find out more about CORE MAP® and CORE PEP®, please email us at Spectra@Spectracomm.com.