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Executive Success and Emotional Intelligence

Why do some executives know how to adapt to all types of personalities, and know instinctively how to handle a difficult situation? Research has shown that the greatest predictor of executive success is the development and use of Emotional Intelligence. An executive that has a high degree of emotional intelligence is one who has the ability to recognize and manage emotions in themselves and in their relationships, and their capacity to motivate themselves and others.

Many executives find they need development in two or three of the emotional competencies, which includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills to continue being promoted.  Much of coaching requires the development of emotional competence. These traits make up what is called executive competencies and are highly prized in leaders and are an excellent predictor of a leaders success. We work with them in the context of achieving your business objectives, using the "real world" as journey as a leader/coach.

Our workshop focuses on the importance of learning why Emotional Intelligence (EI) is tied to executive competencies, why a leader also needs to be a coach, and how to practice those behaviors in a work related environment.

Participants in our workshop can expect to:

Why Develop Emotional Intelligence at Work?

How Does One Develop Emotional Intelligence?

Who Should Participate?

To learn more about how Executive Success and Emotional Intelligence can deliver results for you, please email us at Spectra@Spectracomm.com.