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Everyone wants to realize their full potential…to utilize their strengths and diminish their weaknesses…to feel energized and motivated…to feel comfortable with whom they really are. But, how do we accomplish that when so many outside factors tell us we should be different, better or more? The answer can only be found within.

Personal assessment tools are used to determine a person’s basic personality traits. Individuals use them as a source of personal awareness and growth, by counselors to discover more about their clients, and by businesses to assist in hiring, placement and training.

Most profiles simply report back who you think you are or who you have been nurtured to be. It’s like using your computer to analyze bad data.... garbage in, garbage out. Sadly, many people trust the erroneous data they receive and make important decisions based on the findings. They perpetuate a path that conflicts with their true nature, never understanding why they don’t feel comfortable with who they are.

CORE MAP® is different. CORE MAP® provides an in-depth look at several aspects of an individual’s personality, and unlike any other measuring instrument, it combines those aspects to provide a truly multidimensional profile. Statistics show that less than half of the population know themselves well enough to profile accurately. With single dimension profiles, it is impossible to tell whether the profile is accurate or if negative conditioning or circumstances have altered it.

CORE MAP® adds a third dimension, which measures positive and negative traits, reactionary styles and personal effectiveness. Other instruments group positive and negative traits into a single profile. The positive and negative sides of a personality must be presented separately because they are so different. When grouped together, the person profiled may not be able to relate to one or the other and may therefore discount the entire thing. CORE MAP® profiles are separated into positive, mid-zone and negative traits, allowing the person profiled to see exactly how they are functioning at present. Some are relieved to discover that they don’t own the negative traits of their profile style, and still others, who have been in a negative mode, are anxious to work with the facilitator so they can move away from the negative behavior and toward positive functioning.

CORE MAP® Multidimensional Awareness Profile is the most accurate and effective profiling system available.

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