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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching Overview

Personal coaching is a one-on-one, professional relationship where you get the specific kind of support and solutions you need to create a new result - faster and easier than if attempted on your own, in a group or through a packaged program. The entire focus is on you, your life, your work, your goals, your dreams, your aspirations, your challenges and obstacles, and your success. It is the highest level of one-on-one self-discovery, guidance and support that we offer our clients and program participants. It is not limited to self-awareness and personal development. It can be much larger in scope so as to meet the business and professional development needs of our clients as well.

A complete personalized coaching program requires time and energy from both the coach and the participant and, thus, participation in our traditional, in-depth personal coaching programs requires commitment. However, we do offer smaller packages and individual coaching services by the hour for those who wish to sample the coaching process or who wish to add one-on-one time with a coach to another program offer. We will also customize personal coaching packages to accommodate the unique outcomes, time frames, location, businesses and other special requirements of our clients.

Authentic Focused Coaching Technique

As part of our comprehensive coaching program, we require that you complete a CORE MAP® (CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile). This awareness tool cuts months off the length of traditional coaching programs because it can zero in on some of your core issues within a matter of hours. This valuable tool gives both you and your coach the ability to see and know who you really are at your core - your authentic self. And, it provides critical information on where you may be living incongruently today perhaps living against the grain of the real person you are.

Your coach will then design a program specific to you and your desired outcomes. There will be specific expectations on your behalf, which can include your full participation in one or all of the following: one-on-one coaching sessions, reading assignments, written homework, journaling, brainstorming, role-playing, language exercises, conference calls, and developing life/business plans.

To find out more about our Personal Coaching Program, please email us at Spectra@Spectracomm.com.