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Assessment Services from SpectraComm

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be naturally suited to their careers, while others seem to have to struggle for even the smallest achievements? Why? Because when you are working in a career that matches up with your talents, passions, and strengths, others see you as a "natural"…a person who's on top of his game…a producer of extraordinary achievements and results.

The biggest issues people face in developing rewarding careers is to truly understand who they are, that is, what they value. SpectraComm utilizes a unique assessment, called COREMAP® to aid in quickly resolving these issues. When people are pursuing fulfilling careers, every aspect of life becomes more complete, more rewarding, and more exciting.

The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile COREMAP® is an in-depth personality assessment tool that measures and evaluates your natural tendencies, preferred functioning modes, personal effectiveness traits, strengths, weaknesses, reactionary styles, relating styles, tolerance levels, and more. No other instrument provides a fuller, more complete profile. When combined with SpectraComm's personalized career coaching, COREMAP® offers the fastest, most effective means of getting you on the career track that's best for you.

The COREMAP® assessment is a facilitated profile that takes about 45 minutes to complete. Once finished you receive a customized written report and are assigned a personal coach who will explain your profile to you. Your coach will compare how you see yourself with how you are functioning in your current job and lifestyle, will describe how to improve your reactivity to stress, and will discuss action steps that you can take to develop a career plan. The career coaching process, which includes the COREMAP® profile and 1 ½ hours of personal coaching is available to SpectraComm Clients at a special review price. If you want to learn more about the COREMAP® process or take the profile immediately then drop us a line at support@spectracomm.com to get started on discovering your authentic self and building a more powerful, focused career.

Experience the Power of COREMAP®. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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