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Power Strategies Learning Event:
A Complete Training Exercise to Enhance
Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.


The Power Strategies Learning Event is an experiential training exercise which can be presented and facilitated in a single afternoon. All you need is this guide and some commonly available materials.

Power Strategies is designed to help participants strategically plan, problem solve, negotiate, communicate and deal with ambiguity, all while working as a team. The game has several key purposes. Players discover how they individually operate as part of a team (as a leader, follower, observer, idea squasher,etc.) and learn how these roles impact each other and play out in a collaborative setting–both positively and negatively. The game reveals how vital communication is between team members and also how unchallenged assumptions can sabotage the best efforts. The training simulation powerfully shows how unacknowledged tensions, hierarchies, and dependencies can be amplified in the heat of "battle" and lead to team meltdown.

Power Strategies will meaningfully anchor in a new understanding for your participants of what it is to be part of a team and create an appreciation for crafting mutually beneficial, win-win agreements.

How does Power Strategies accomplish this? Each team is given only a portion of the tools needed to complete a series of elementary tasks. Other teams possess critical parts which must be negotiated for. Because of the purposeful vagueness of the rules, teams are uncertain whether they can negotiate and it that represents their best strategy for "winning." The exercise mimics real life workplace issues that can erupt between even usually cooperative teams. The primary lessons to be acquired and hard wired into your people are learning to deal with different leadership styles, identifying one's own style, and negotiating for win-win outcomes. In the process, players must suspend their assumptions when dealing with the ambiguous rules that require creative problem solving.

After the event is complete, time will be spent processing and debriefing how each team dealt with the challenges and how the lessons learned can be applied directly back into the workplace.

Participants will learn to:

Expected Results for Participants:

This Event Was Created For: trainers, facilitators, consultants, speakers, coaches, meeting planners and anyone else who is responsible for producing a powerful learning event rich in content and fun.

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