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Competitive Selling StrategiesTM


Sales representatives from all industries at any level of professional development.

Program Overview

SpectraComm has solved the first challenge in training representatives in the art of competitive selling: defining what it means to sell competitively. This workshop will help your representatives decipher the dynamics that govern the competitive landscape and develop a winning game plan for your key products.


Competitive Selling StrategiesTM is the first program of its kind to provide strategic insights into the competitive landscape impacting the adoption and use of your products. These insights are coupled with skills that position your representatives to tip the balance in favor of your products and the patient. Representatives will learn to:

Best Practices

Organizations that have successfully implemented the Competitive Selling StrategiesTM program:

  • Tailor workshop materials to the specific competitive dynamics governing the market for key products

  • Incorporate the workshop into either an advanced representative learning curriculum or rollout to the entire organization via POA or other large meeting

  • Certify sales leadership and field managers to run the workshop at the local level

To find out more about any of our workshops, please email us at Spectra@Spectracomm.com.