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The Decisive ManagerTM
Creative Decision Making and Problem Solving


Managers at all levels in all industries, as well as training and operations leadership.

Program Overview

The Decisive ManagerTM will help your district managers understand, practice and embody an essential skill associated with top performing managers: the ability to quickly and effectively make decisions and solve problems with a "win-win" mindset. At the heart of this powerful program is the premise that it is how a problem or challenge is defined that has the greatest impact on a manager's ability to take effective and lasting action.

A Four-Step Process

The Decisive ManagerTM uses a simple yet profound four-step process to help managers understand the root causes of a problem as well as the positive impact of a well-crafted solution. The four-step process flows as follows:

1: Situation Analysis

2: Source Analysis

  • Identifies and defines root cause(s) of the issue

3: Success Analysis

  • Clarifies objectives and measures strategies against their ability to meet those objectives

  • Crafts solutions to move the organization toward the ideal state

4: Solution Analysis

  • Ties solutions directly to objectives

  • Plans effectively to ensure Excellent ExecutionTM

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