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Excellent ExecutionTM
The Right Work Gets Done

The bottom line is this: a corporation's ability to execute on near and long-term goals is what separates the "good" from "excellent."

A clear systematized approach that links strategy and execution to do what needs to be done to achieve amazing results


Organizational leadership including anyone with a vested interest in executing on the organization's near- and long-term strategic goals and initiatives.

Program Overview

By some estimates, upwards of 50% of corporate initiatives are not aligned with the strategic vision set forth by senior leadership.

In today's competitive environment, organizations cannot afford to fund programs and projects that do not link directly to the organization's definition of success. As a result, many companies are looking for an aggressive yet efficient framework through which they can execute their strategic vision in order to deliver sustainable results.


Delivering Best in Class Execution to Your Organization

1: Strategic Alignment

This program ensures that the team at the top is aligned to achieve strategy execution that cascades throughout the organization. Linking strategy to operations is imperative. Strategic alignment is not an "event" but an ongoing process. As part of Excellent ExecutionTM, leaders responsible for executing the plan work together to become a cohesive team. They commit to the strategy and lead the execution processes. Strategic alignment provides focus and guidance for the allocation of the organization's scarce resources in the areas of people, capital and management attention.

2: "Stickiness"

The simplicity of the Excellent ExecutionTM program makes it stick. Our unique collaborative approach "pulls through" the program to get the work done. We collaborate on-site with your team and provide ongoing support via conference calls, video conferencing, video email and email to rapidly implement accountability processes and plans. Immediate and long-term results are achieved. We stick with you as the team implements Excellent ExecutionTM. This kind of assistance in implementing Excellent ExecutionTM, solidifies the process so it is sustainable over time.

3: 4S Thinking / Coaching 4 Success

Excellent ExecutionTM, installs a common language throughout the organization and ensures that people at all levels have strategic, results-based conversations while building effective trusting relationships. 4STM is a proven and highly effective coaching and communication process. It is simple to understand and easy to apply. 4STM is the engine that drives the behaviors of your teams and leads to breakthrough results.

4: Simplicity and Clarity

We keep it simple to make it work. The three-part Excellent ExecutionTM process is clear and easy to implement. It can be implemented step-by-step without myriads of complex forms and heavy administration that actually gets in the way of achieving results. The focus is always on what success looks like and all actions support achieving the most critical goals.

5: Real-time / On-line Reports

Systems are set up so your organization can track and monitor its progress against your strategic plan, as well as how it's doing on the three Excellent ExecutionTM disciplines: Alignment, Accountability, and Action. On-line surveys provide customized information to assess team execution effectiveness at all levels in real-time.

To find out more about any of our workshops, please email us at Spectra@Spectracomm.com.