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We highly recommend these products that support personal and business development.

Ties to Tattoos Book Cover

Ties to Tattoos by Sherri Elliott, SPHR

Turning Generational Differences into a Competitive Advantage

For the first time in history, the American workforce is comprised of four distinct generations- Traditionalist, Boomers, Xers, and Millennials and the fact is each generation is unique. They respond to different messages. They have different expectations from their employer. They have different outlooks on their careers. Most striking of all, they have different definitions of success.

Needless to say, effectively communicating to different generations can be a dizzying situation for any organization. Ties to Tattoos offers innovative ways to:
  • Recruit
  • Manage
  • Train
  • Reward
  • Motivate
  • Retain

    Understanding generational issues is one of the best new tools for resolving conflicts and boosting productivity. "The COREMAP Assessment Tool allows leaders to understand individual motivators, demotivators, strengths, and limitations and use this awareness to perform better as a team" (Page 121).

    Ties to Tattoos provides keys for understanding these issues and strategies to leverage multigenerational differences in ways that make companies stronger.

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  • LOA Book Cover

    Here is the master key to creating a fully abundant life: unlimited wealth, harmonious relationships, the right opportunities, personal freedom, deep contentment, and complete joy.

    This book provides a solid framework for understanding the principles of abundance such that anyone can look at how they are being applied and predict with complete accuracy what the result will be, and can know exactly what to adjust to get desirable results.

    Using illustrations, analogies and scientific principles, The Law of Abundance explains exactly why some people succeed magnificently while others consistently fail to realize their dreams.

    It clearly explains the unfailing principles that absolutely ensures success to anyone and everyone working within this universal law and demonstrates how, like gravity, the law works exactly the same for everyone, all the time - no exceptions.

    If you think you have tried everything and still are not living the life you have imagined, you need The Law of Abundance. It is your key to unlocking a great mystery and gaining complete mastery of your life.

    Price: $18.95

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    Buffington Book Cover

    Who's Got the Compass? I Think I'm Lost! by Sherry Buffington, Ph. D., is a bold departure from the typical self-improvement book. It is an excellent stand-alone resource or the perfect compliment to the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile.

    There are many titles that offer rehashed ideas for self-improvement with themes which have been retold hundreds of times. In an era of change marked by a fervent search for self-understanding, volumes of confusing material has accumulated, making it difficult for the earnest seeker to find reliable advise and direction.

    Sherry has brought together every aspect of the self search process. She hands you a compass that virtually ensures you will find your ideal path. The reader friendly, step by step process eliminates confusion and guides dedicated seekers directly to their life's purpose. From this place of purpose, individuals create effective plans for personal and professional success.

    This book is an essential guide to the most important journey of your lifetime!

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    Crilley Book Cover

    This book is a start-to-finish guide to making yourself a media darling while raking in a fortune in free publicity. Learn:
    • How to write a "killer" press release

    • How to come up with ideas guaranteed to get coverage

    • Who to call and when

    • What to say during an interview

    • How to hold a news conference the media will love

    • How to combat negative news

    • How to keep reporters coming back for more

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